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According to SFV Media, Sergio Miranda Avila, 59, a passenger involved in a car crash in Sylmar died as a result of the auto accident. Mr. Avila died on Saturday when the car he was in rear ended a big rig truck. The crash occurred around 11:30 A.M. near Rexford Street and Telfair Avenue. The big rig was in the left turn lane waiting to turn onto Telfair Avenue when the vehicle Mr. Avila was in, a Toyota Corolla, crashed into the back of the big rig and ended up underneath the the big rig's trailer. The driver of the vehicle Mr. Avila was in was also injured and taken to Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills for treatment and was then booked into the Valley jail on suspicion of being under the influence of an unknown opiate. The driver of the big rig did not sustain any injuries.

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