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As many have come to notice, electric scooters have begun to pop up everywhere. While the City of Beverly Hills has already forced a ban on electric scooters such as "Bird" and "Lime," many of us have begin to wonder if that is actually a smart decision. If you have spent time in Los Angeles there is no doubt that you have sat through a least some of its horrendous traffic. Though "Bird" and "Lime" scooters create some well documented dangers, in a sense they may be a solution to clearing up our heavy traffic areas.

Areas along Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles are notorious for heavy traffic. Allowing electric scooters in these areas may convince people that it may be easier for them to ride a scooter through town and essentially open up some of the traffic along the way. Nevertheless, allowing electric scooters on sidewalks will inevitably lead to pedestrian and scooter accidents as some people tend to be careless when they are rushing through the streets. Bottom line, if the scooters are allowed to stay on the road, policies must be put into place to enure the public's safety. Nevertheless, please remember to be safe when riding these machines.

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