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According SFV Media, on Friday October 26, 2018, Police arrested an alleged hit-and-run driver that has been accused of driving off after fatally injuring the passenger of a scooter in the Silver Lake area in September. The 33-year-old suspect Roberto A. Garcia-Martinez who is from the Los Angeles area, was booked on an unrelated warrant. The Los Angles District Attorney's office will present a case against Mr. Martinez for the hit-and-run.

The hit-and-run occurred around 9 p.m. on September 4, 2018 near Glendale Boulevard and Waverly Drive. The victim, Esdras Velasquez, who was 34-years-old, died at a hospital on September 10, 2018. The following day, Police began a public plea for assistance to help locate a gray 2019 BMW 5 Series, that allegedly struck the scooter. Surveillance video obtained by the police showed the BMW dragging the scooter and then backing up before leaving the scene of the accident. The Police received several anonymous tips that helped them recover the BMW. At this time, Police are urging a female passenger who appeared to be present in the BMW to come forward.

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